Mayor issues new traffic ordinance to end 'Sagada Carmageddon'

BAGUIO, Philippines – Right after Christmas, Sagada Mayor James B. Pooten signed Executive Order No. 37-18 “strictly implementing” its traffic ordinance to control the influx of tourists.

Pooten signed the EO last December 26 to avert the “Sagada Carmageddon” which became a weekend scourge this December. Tourists are advised to walk or take public transport.

The EO penalizes those parking or obstructing traffic on all major roads, sidewalks and other passages in Sagada from 6 am till 8:30 pm. Their license plate will either be removed or driver licenses confiscated until they pay P500.

Also included will be those leaving their vehicles on "hazard" for more than ten minutes.

“With the limited road network coupled by the huge volume of road users during the peak season, tourists are highly advised to park their own vehicles at designated parking areas and walk to the different tourist sites or take local public transport,” said Pooten.

As early as December 21, the Church of St. Mary the Virgin approved to close the church gate at 8 pm and open it only at 5 am.  

Entry to the Echo Valley through the mission compound will only be by foot, the traffic enforcement team said.

The Sagada LGU also issued its tourist guidelines last December 17 regarding transport:

The rest of the guideline is as follows: