WATCH: Simbang Gabi 2018

Stay tuned for the 8th anticipated Simbang Gabi at 8 pm on Sunday, December 23, courtesy of the St. John Bosco Parish in Makati City.

MANILA, Philippines – Do you want to complete the Simbang Gabi?

Of course it is best to go to church in the flesh. But if it is physically impossible for you to do so, we’ve got you covered.

Rappler brings you the 9 days of Simbang Gabi – live, on video – from different churches around the Philippines and around the world.

Bookmark this page to watch each day of the traditional 9 days of Masses in preparation for Christmas. 

If you want a playback of previous Simbang Gabi videos, check out the embedded videos below:

Day 1 courtesy of Sambuhay TV 



Day 7 - December 22, 2018

Day 8 - December 23, 2018

Day 9 - December 24, 2018

Christmas Day - December 25, 2018