Endangered animals stolen from Avilon Zoo

MANILA, Philippines – The Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal reported that 9 endangered animals were stolen from their sanctuary.

In a post on Facebook, the zoo reported that 3 black palm cockatoos, 3 red-footed tortoises, 1 yellow-footed tortoise, 1 brown-tufted capuchin monkey, and 1 snapping turtle were stolen by unidentified individuals.

All of the endangered animals were part of the Avilon Zoo's conservation breeding program. The animals are native to South America.

Under R.A. 9147 or the wildlife resources conservation and protection act, trading, collecting, hunting or possessing endangered wildlife could lead to imprisonment of up to 2 years and a fine of at most P200,000.

For any information regarding the whereabouts of the stolen animals, you may contact the Avilon Zoo on their facebook page or reach them through (02) 948 9866 and 09088658984.




Ralf Rivas

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