Wanting to be home for Christmas, 6 minors escape Cebu City facility

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Six children in conflict with the law (CICL) escaped from a government facility here on Sunday night, December 22, but turned out to have gone home to spend Christmas with their families, and not to run away from authorities. 

Personnel of the Operation Second Chance didn't have to look far, and easily found the minors in their homes within Cebu City. Three of the children are back at the facility after their parents surrendered them, while the 3 others were given until Monday to return to the facility, or policemen would be sent for them.

On Sunday night, only one of the 10 guards was left to keep watch while the rest took their dinner break, making it less difficult for the CICL to sneak past him. 

Ambrosio Ibones, head of Operation Second Chance, said the 6 minors were new in the facility, and this could explain why they took desperate measures to be able to spend the holidays with their families. 

This was second time that minors escaped from the facility. There were 11 who got past the guards.

The 3 minors who have returned, and the 3 others, if they would return, will be given visitation time with their families on Tuesday, Christmas Eve. – Rappler.com