FALSE: Trump calls Bongbong Marcos 'the next president'

Claim: A photo of US President Donald Trump supposedly shows that he supported former senator Bongbong Marcos for president. 

In a post to Facebook public group Bongbong Marcos: Isang Bansa-Isang Diwa: The Solid Marcos Loyalist Movement, group admin and moderator Jojo Borja posted the photo, along with a caption in bold that reads:

"100% Mr. President Trump... That BBM will be the next president of the Philippine's Republic." 

In the photo, the US president is seen holding what looks like a signed document with Marcos' picture and text that reads, "The Next President."

The claim was spotted through CrowdTangle with 9 more pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos groups sharing the post. 

These groups are BongBong Marcos United, Bongbong Marcos Cyber Squad, Tulfo Brothers Worldwide, Duterte and Marcos Unite Supporters, Marcos Defenders Worldwide Unlimited, Duterte Marcos Supporters, Cruelty of Noynoy “Abnoy” Aquino and his government, Pilipinas Duterte2016, and President Duterte News. 

The post has the potential to reach a wider audience given that these groups have a total number of 493,298 followers.

The post had almost 900 shares, 5,000 reactions, and 1,000 comments, as of writing. 

Rating: FALSE

The facts: It's a manipulated photo. A simple Google reverse image yields a photo of Trump instead holding a signed executive order (EO) on the withdrawal of the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal. 

Washington-based photojournalist Ron Sachs took this photo of Trump on January 23, 2017 during the signing of the EO in the White House Oval Office. (READ: Trump torpedoes Trans-Pacific Partnership)

In November 2018, a similar claim showing a photo of Trump allegedly supporting Sara Duterte for president was likewise proven to be a hoax.

The group Cruelty of Noynoy "Abnoy" Aquino and his government, for instance, has posted manipulated screenshots of supposed articles of Inquirer's story on Gutoc's threat over life vest criticisms and Rappler's story on shabu legalization.

Meanwhile, the Tulfo Brothers Worldwide page has posted that mainstream media 'did not report' about Marawi temporary shelters, which has been refuted. – Glenda Marie Castro/Rappler.com

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