FALSE: 'Photo' of teacher who was raped, killed

Claim: An article preview image shows an image of a teacher who was supposedly raped and killed by 3 of her students who were under the influence of drugs.

The article, which was spread on Facebook on around October 11, has a headline that reads, "24Oras: Babaeng student teacher ng Pasig pinaslang, saka ginahasa pa ng tatlo niyang estudyante matapos ang klase." (24Oras: Female student teacher in Pasig murdered then raped by her 3 students after class.)

"24Oras" refers to GMA News' 24 Oras evening news program. GMA's logo can be seen in the upper right portion of the photo.

When clicked, the link leads to a blog post with a video having a similar preview image.

The video of 24 Oras anchor Mel Tiangco, plays for a few seconds before the viewer is told that it contains "graphic content" and that they must share the video first to continue watching.

Facebook's Claim Check, a tool that identifies potentially misleading content on the platform, found a number of websites that have shared this video. They are:

This claim was sent to Rappler through email for fact checking.

Rating: FALSE

The facts: The photo of the woman in the photo is not the same as the one in the actual 24 Oras news report.

Searching the keywords "24 oras teacher pasig ginahasa" on YouTube leads to a report on the official GMA News channel, with Tiangco giving the exact same introduction.

The video is not cut and goes on to explain that the teacher in Pasig was allegedly killed and raped by a house painter, and not by her students.

The original news report was uploaded on YouTube in 2012.

Rappler was able to get the URL of the video that was being shared on the websites by right-clicking it while it was playing. When viewed on YouTube, the video continues to play but shows a snake graphic instead of the rest of the report.

The websites were sharing a video titled, "24 Oras Student Teacher, pinatay at ginahasa" (24 Oras Student Teacher, killed and raped) on the channel Virals Feed. It was uploaded on October 25 and has 988,607 views as of writing.

Virals Feed is a new channel, it was created on August 19. So far, it has 6 public videos and a total of 1,269,952 views.

A reverse image search on Google shows that the photo used in the false claim is of a preschool teacher with a large social media following – 21,000 followers on Instagram and 256,050 on Facebook as of writing. – Vernise L. Tantuco/Rappler.com

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