FAST FACTS: Get to know Tau Gamma Phi

The organization was founded by students from the University of the Philippines on October 4, 1968.

Also known as the Triskelions' Grand Fraternity, it has numerous chapters in various colleges, universities and communities in the Philippines and other countries.

A member of the fraternity is called Triskelion. Some of its prominent members are Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto and his stepson, actor Luis Manzano, as well as Parokya ni Edgar bassist Buhawi Meneses.

Tau Gamma Phi is an organization that “embodies its own ideals and mission in accordance to its Tenets and Codes of Conducts.”

In fact, according to their statement on the recent hazing incident, the fraternity is "founded on principles and rationality, and not on violence,” with members guided by one of its tenets:

“First of all, do not harm let alone in defense of self. For whatever reason man has come into being, to whatever purpose he exist (sic), kin to all living creatures around him, MAN IS BROTHER UNTO MAN.”

But in recent years, the name of the group has been tagged in a couple of fraternity-related violence in universities.

In March 2013, two alleged members were arrested because of a shooting incident outside the University of Manila, The Philippine Star reported.

In January 2014, student publication The La Sallian received a report of a De La Salle University student beaten up by members "purportedly from the fraternity Tau Gamma Phi."

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