INFOGRAPHIC: How childhood is stolen from kids around the world

MANILA, Philippines – Around 700 million children across the globe have lost their childhood too soon, according to a recent report by international child’s rights group Save the Children. 

“Childhood should be a safe time of life for growing, learning and playing. Every child dserves a childhood, love care and protection so they can develop to their full potential. But this is not the experience for at least a quarter of our children worldwide,” said the report titled “Stolen Childhood.” 

Released Thursday, June 1, as the world commemorated International Children’s Day, the report looked into the conditions where kids grow up in 172 countries. 

Child mortality, out-of-school children, child labor, stunted growth, early marriage, teenage pregnancy, displacement due to conflicts, and children homicide were the identified indicators of a lost childhood. 

Here are the global numbers: 


 Report by Patty Pasion; graphics by Alejandro Edoria/