MAP: Are the drug-related killings related to poverty, crime rate?

MANILA, Philippines – The government's war against drugs continues, with the number of reported drug-related killings increasing by the day.

Data from the Philippine National Police (PNP) show that from the day after the May elections up to the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte, 57 suspects were killed. The figures jumped to 402 the following month.

News reports, meanwhile, claim that 740 drug-related deaths were recorded from May 10 to August 2. Most of the killings were reported in the National Capital Region, followed by Central Luzon.

Reports are least in number in MIMAROPA and the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Do factors like poverty and crime rate play a role in these drug-related killings across regions? Rappler mapped these data to see correlations or patterns. (See map above.)

NCR, which has the most number of reported killings, happens to be the "richest" region, has the highest annual monthly crime rate, and second highest number of pending cases in courts.

MIMAROPA – the region with the least number of reported killings – is among the poorest regions, with a low crime rate, and low number of pending court cases.

Central Luzon, among the rich regions and with a high number of pending court cases, still enjoys a low crime rate.

Check on the other regions to spot patterns or draw your own conclusions. – Reynaldo Santos Jr. and Wayne Manuel/