Albay beach reveals ancient 'pillow lava'

He has also worked closely with legendary Filipino geologist Raymundo Punongbayan. He is also credited for devising the volcanic explosivity index (VEI) – the measure by which eruptions are compared.

After years of working with the world's top geologists, Newhall then opted to retire in Sto Domingo town to work with Albayanos. Now, he is developing a Web-linked worldwide network of volcano observatories which he believes is greatly needed to improve the ability to predict the behavior of these ticking tectonic time bombs.

Now, he and his wife Glenda are dedicated their lives to promote and preserve the value of nature, through the Mirisbiris Garden and Nature Center.

They built the center 3 years ago primarily as a private sanctuary, but they opened it to the public to to promote ecotourism and agritourism. It has a mini farm, where they have medicinal kitchen herbs, organic vegetables, and fruits. The place also serves as a venue for special events.

The center also has a mini-forest, with native species of trees such as yakal, sambulawan, katmon, mapilig, and hamurawon (molave). It also has a pebbly beach with a coral reef offshore. The reef, while partly damaged by silt, is still in reasonably good health.

“Glen and I were volunteers together for 40 years, and we decided to open Mirisbiris to the public to support scholarships for students from Salvacion and elsewhere. We’re been doing this already and are proud to have helped the students. But we can’t afford to do this alone. Former scholars are already helping new scholars and income from tourists will help greatly,” the world-renowned US geologist said. –