What happens when a guy breaks his penis?

MANILA, Phililppines – Breaking one's penis is a painful thought that most guys  wouldn't want to entertain, or would most likely believe wouldn't happen to them. Whether you like it or not, the reality is, it happens. (READ: How big is it really? Scientists reveal 'average' penis size

This was the topic of a recent discussion on HuffPost Live – the live stream channel of United States online media outlet, the Huffington Post.

"Yes, fractures of the penis do occur," said Dr Abraham Morgentaler, a urologist and founder and director of Men's Health Boston, an organization based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

"When it happens it is considered a medical emergency," he said during the interview. It normally happens in the middle of sexual intercourse when one partner falls out of bed. Or when one partner "zigs" and the other one "zags," he added.

And he's seen it happen before. "What really happens is it (the penis) gets soft immediately," he said.

Morgentaler added: "The inside of the penis has basically a long cylinder that's filled with blood, and then the skin goes around that. If that cylinder gets too much pressure on it, it'll crack and the blood will leave, so the penis softens and you get a big eggplant-colored thing...an eggplant-looking penis, because it's all black and blue and hugely swollen."

But not to worry. If it ever happens, it doesn't mean it's broken forever. By draining the blood and adding a few stitches, it'll be back to normal in no time. Watch the full discussion here. – Rappler.com

Photo of man pointing to private area via Shutterstock