Sideline supporters

Behind every Palaro player is a coach... who molds raw talent into an athlete. Devon Wong reports.

Athletes rely on their bodies to perform and depend on the agility of youth.

For every athlete, there’s a time when their strength and passion coincide to mark a peak in their sports careers.

But for the coaches and trainers who devote a lifetime’s commitment to each generation of new athletes... there’s pleasure in watching the seasons change.

JUAN T. PASION, GYMNASTICS COACH FROM REGION 2: It’s not at all a very hard job, but it is a job wherein we are helping people grow.

Most athletes would be proud to say they’ve been to one Palaro, but this is Juan’s number ten. Juan keeps returning because he wants to support his athletes every step of the way.  He says he sometimes feeds his athletes out of his own pocket during training because he believes they’ll be his legacy. The power of support and dedicated coaching has real life impact on young minds.

IRVIN DHALE C. LANGAOEN, CAR TAEKWANDO TEAM: My coach invited me to train taekwando because he saw that I had potential. When I was grade 3 going into grade 4, I was transferred to U.P. to become part of the varsity team to get a scholarship

Irvin’s coach didn’t hesitate to give him free training when he realized his family couldn’t afford his lessons.  

ARNOLD OGLAYON, HEAD COACH OF CAR TAEKWANDO TEAM: You treat them as your family. And you share all the things that they need to learn. (INSERT CUTAWAY) I sacrifice, of course. I put up my own gym for the kids. And I’m trying my best to expose them, I’m trying my best to support them.

Coaches and trainers at Palaro put in countless hours without the promise of spotlight or medal.  Their commitment to sports rewards them with the most noble satisfaction of knowing their philosophies will move on with their athletes.

You'll never know, maybe one day of my students will become a mayor and because of the discipline learned in taekwando.

Coaches help athletes recognize their own potential

I won. I won the gold medal.

And remind us that maybe everyone could use a sideline supporter.

Devon Wong, Rapper, Dumaguete

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