'Filipino Champ' banned from fighting game events after racist tweet

MANILA, Philippines – Capcom and other fighting game events banned Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez from competing indefinitely after the former EVO champion tweeted an image with an insensitive caption.

In a statement posted on Wednesday, June 17, the video game company said Ramirez would no longer be invited to its events, including the Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League.

Capcom said the ban on Ramirez, who violated the player code of conduct, covers all tournaments worldwide.

East Coast Throwdown and Combo Breaker also denounced Filipino Champ’s comments and said the decorated player would no longer be welcome in their upcoming events.

Ramirez received criticisms after posting a photo of a watermelon on Twitter with a caption "check this out" and a hashtag #WatermelonLivesMatter. The tweet got deleted followed by an apology from Ramirez.

Aside from his recent controversy, Filipino Champ, infamously known in the fighting gamecommunity for his alleged toxic personality, also threw racial slurs and homophobic comments to his competitor Ryota ‘Kazunoko’ Inoue few years ago.

Before banning Ramirez, Capcom also slapped disciplinary actions to two Street Fighter V players, Dalauan ‘LowTierGod’ Sparrow and Christina ‘Ceroblast’ Tran, for the hate comments in their respective streams.

Ramirez won the title in Evolution Championship Series for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 back in 2012. He later moved to other games such as Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V– Rappler.com