PFF revises Peace Cup game dates

MANILA, Philippines - To comply with the new regulations set by international football governing body, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) announced on Saturday, August 30, that the matches for the squads that will participate in the 2014 Peace Cup will be reduced to 2 games.

According to the announcement released on their website, the PFF received an advisory from FIFA on August 28 stating that “all participating teams are expected to comply with the new regulations on two-match per international window.”

The said new regulation is in compliance with Circular number 1437 which was disseminated to the public through FIFA’s website on July 23, 2014.

As per Article 1, Section 4 of the circular, “during any international window, a maximum of two matches may be played by each representative team, irrespective of whether these matches are qualifying matches for an international tournament or friendlies”

With the propagation of this new statement from the federation, the setup of the Peace Cup will now be replaced with a single elimination format rather than the original single round robin format that was used during the previous editions of the competition.

This means that every team will no longer have games against each of the participants.

Consequently, the PFF released the new schedule of games for the Cup that will now only feature two game dates.

In accordance with the revised schedule, the national teams of Palestine and Myanmar are set to go against each other for the first game on September 3 followed by a bout between the Philippines and Chinese Taipei.

The winners of the two games will go against each other for the main match on September 6 while the two losing teams in their first matches will have a battle for third place on the same day.

However, the games which were supposed to be played on September 9 are now cancelled.

“Tickets bought for 09 September 2014 matches will be refunded or exchanged for tickets (same category) for matches on either 03 or 06 September 2014. TicketWorld has been advised to effect the refund or exchange.” PFF said. -