[Gameplan] Beginners try suspension training

MANILA, Philippines – What is suspension training and how can it help improve our daily lives? Gameplan host Mara Lopez and working mom Trixie Monteron try out a suspension training class for the first time to help us gain insights on how this type of exercise works. 

“Suspension training is a form of training where you use suspension trainers to put yourself out of balance on purpose. It improves the strength of the core. That’s very important in sports, in recreational activities, or just in everyday living,” shared Gabriel Soriano, a strength and conditioning coach at the 360 Fitness Club.

According to Gabriel, beginners usually find this exercise intimidating because of the equipment used for the workout and the lack of understanding that this type of exercise can be modified based on a person’s fitness level.

“It’s not something I would’ve tried on my own because my perception of it is it takes a lot of strength to do the moves. And strength is not something I have right now,” said Trixie.

Beginners try suspension training

One of the things that motivated Trixie to try suspension training is that it’s an exercise you can do anywhere as long as you have the equipment needed. “You can take it anywhere. You can just purchase the equipment, you can hang it on the door, and do it while in the comforts of your own home,” she said.

Because of its unusual set-up, suspension training helps improve stability, increases muscular endurance, and is also the perfect full-body workout for people who are looking for something that’s quick and effective.

“I definitely worked out a lot of parts of my body that doesn’t get worked out on a normal basis because you go on weird positions. You go on these different angles. A whole different target muscle would be affected,” shared Mara.

At your own pace

“What I found suitable for me is that you don’t have to be perfect at it at once. I needed to adjust a bit, and see where I’m comfortable, and yet I still try to push myself and try to get the most out of the workout. I’m a beginner, but so is my mom. And so is my brother. And I think all of us were able to do the movements pretty well at different levels,” shared Trixie. 

What’s great about this workout is that anyone can do it. You don’t have to be fit or young. You just have to listen to your body and workout at a pace that makes you feel comfortable enough to be able to do the moves with the proper form.

“It’s definitely inspiring to see a family do it together. And to see people from different stages in their life makes me feel like suspension training is not just for young people or athletes. It’s really for everyone. You can try it out for the first time, no matter where you are in life,” added Mara. – Rappler.com