Gameplan: How to survive the jungles of Subic

SUBIC, Philippines - Gameplan hosts Ton, Juls and Amanda are led into the jungle by the Jungle Environment Survival Traning (JEST) Camp instructor, Nomeriano “Nomer” Dimain.

He teaches Ton, Juls, and Amanda to survive the jungle using only natural resources and a few tools. 

Here are 5 tips on surviving jungle adventures: 

1. Wear Hats. If you don’t have one, make one out of leaves.

It's easy to create cups, sporks and plates, from bamboo. You can even use a part of the bamboo stalk to cook your rice.

5. Bring a camp stove to cook your food. If you forget it at home,  make your own fire.

Nomer shows Ton, Juls and Amanda, how to use Bamboo to create fire. He first makes tinder from one side of the bamboo, then cuts the stalk into pieces. He then creates a hole in one of the pieces and rubs the remaining pieces of bamboos together until fire is lit up. It looks so easy. 

That is, until Nomer tells our hosts to make their own fire so that they can cook their own meal.   Will the three be able to make their own fire?  Find out in this first webisode of their Subic adventure.