Ex-WWE wrestler Ho Ho Lun is new MWF champion

MANILA, Philippines – Ex-World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star and Hong Kong wrestler Ho Ho Lun is now on top of the "Manilaverse" or the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) universe.

The Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation (HKWF) pioneer won the MWF Championship from longtime rival and inaugural titleholder Robin Sane in their third one-on-one battle at MWF 10: Republika at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila on Saturday, July 27. 

In the final moments of the main event match, with the MWF referee accidentally knocked out by Sane, MWF commissioner Gus Queens brought out Ho Ho Lun's personal referee as replacement. Sane kicked out of multiple fast counts early on, but he wasn't able to overcome a devastating suplex combination by Ho Ho Lun.

With the win, Ho Ho Lun is bringing the MWF title to Hong Kong and mainland China.

After the match, he, his HKWF colleague Bitman, and Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW) champion Michael Su attacked Sane as well as Mr Lucha and Rex Lawin, who rushed to the ring.

The trio then added insult to injury when they "defaced and destroyed the current MWF belt" with a sticker that translates to "control" in Chinese "while screaming 'Philippines under control,'" reported MWF in its Facebook page.

Sane had held the MWF title since December 1, 2018, when he won the finals of a tournament to become the first-ever MWF Champion.

Ho Ho Lun and Robin Sane first squared off in December 2017 at MWF Noche Buena, with Ho Ho picking up the win. (WATCH: Rappler Talk Sports: Ex-WWE star Ho Ho Lun on wrestling in PH, SE Asia)

In their rubber match on July 2018 at MWF 3: Republika, Sane evened the score.

A year later, Ho Ho Lun went up 2-1, with the MWF championship to boot.

Ho Ho Lun competed at the 2016 WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament, then wrestled under the NXT brand. Rappler.com

Michael Bueza

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