IOC launches inquiry into Ryan Lochte mugging scandal

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - The International Olympic Committee is to start a disciplinary inquiry into Ryan Lochte and 3 other US swimmers who made up a story that they had been mugged in Rio, an IOC official told AFP on Friday, August 19.

The story invented by 6-gold medal winner Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and James Feigen has become a major incident that has embarrassed the IOC and the US Olympic Committee.

"The IOC has named a disciplinary commission and there will be an inquiry into the four swimmers," the official said.

"The commission members can ask to hear the swimmers and we will see if there is material for a sanction."

Lochte said he had been forced to the ground in a Rio gas station and robbed with a gun to his head. Brazilian police say the story was to cover up an incident in the gas station when a bathroom door was damaged by the 4 who were drunk.

Lochte said "sorry" to Brazil on Friday for inventing the story. Feigen had to pay 35,000 reais ($10,800) to a Brazilian charitable cause as a condition for being able to leave the country. Lochte, Bentz and Conger are already back in the United States. –