Ironmen: Andre Iguodala, Klay Thompson toughen up for NBA Finals


CLEVELAND, United States – Andre Iguodala has been cleared to play for Golden State in Game 3 of the NBA Finals duel between the Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Iguodala, the 2015 NBA Finals MVP who has been dealing with a bone bruise on his left knee, returns as the Warriors try to take a commanding 3-0 series lead against LeBron James and the Cave on the road on Wednesday, June 6 (Thursday, June 7 in Manila).

Warriors guard Klay Thompson also shrugged off injury talks after  battling through an ankle sprain suffered during the first quarter of last week's NBA Finals opener.

 "He's there every single day," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of Thompson. "He has never missed a playoff game. He has only missed a handful of games in his entire career. Some of them were because I insisted on giving him a rest. He's just there. He's like a machine every day at practice.

"You count on him. You just count on him every day. A lot of people think of toughness and they think bravado. But toughness is also a quiet confidence and a resilience. I think Klay embodies that. He's there for us every night."

Thompson received a scare in the finals opener when he got struck in the leg by Cleveland's J.R. Smith, who was then scrambling for a loose ball.  He returned from the locker room to finish, hitting 8-of-16 from the floor and 5-of-10 from 3-point range in a 24-point performance. 

"It's the finals, so you do everything in your power to get right," Thompson said. "At this point in the season, any means necessary. The ankle feels great.

"I'll definitely be on the floor. I do think I have a high pain tolerance, but I do definitely feel pain still. So it's not like I'm invincible.

"No one's going to feel bad for you if you're out there. Can't make any excuses. You've just got to go have fun and perform. It comes with the job, so it's not that big a deal." 

Warriors forward Draymond Green isn't buying it when Thompson says his ankle is fine.

"Of course Klay's lying. That's just who Klay is," Warriors forward Draymond Green said. "But he came out there and gutted through it.  

"That's just a microcosm of who he is, one of the toughest guys, if not the toughest guy, I've ever played with." –