NCAA Season 90 kicks off on June 28

Manila, Philippines – The opening ceremonies of the NCAA’s 90th season is slated to take place on June 28, Saturday, 11:30am at the Mall of Asia Arena.

The festivities, which will be organized by host Jose Rizal University, is going to be a dazzling affair that will serve as the prequel to the senior’s basketball tournament’s opening games.

“The best I can say right now is that we’ll be introducing technical and visuals that hasn’t been seen yet,” said JRU policy board representative Vicente Fabella Monday, June 16 in the league’s press conference about the opening ceremonies.

“You will see something grand in the opening,” he added, before mentioning that the ceremonies’ theatrics will be similar to those present in NBA events.

Following the opening ceremonies, basketball action kicks off when the JRU Heavy Bombers go head-to-head with defending champions San Beda Red Lions at 1:00 pm.

The second match takes place at 3:00 pm, when San Sebastian battles Letran.

On June 30, Monday, the action continues when UPHSD duels with Mapua at 12 nn, followed by a contest between Arellano and Lyceum at 2:00 pm.

But beginning July 7, Monday, onwards, all weekday senior’s basketball matchups will begin at 2:00 pm, with the second game kicking-off at 4:00 pm.

All Monday, Wednesday, and Friday games will be televised on Aksyon TV, while the second matchup of each game day will simultaneously be aired on TV5.

All Saturday games will be aired on TV5.

Here’s the complete schedule of the senior’s basketball first round:

June 28 (MOA Arena)

1:00PM: JRU vs. SBC

3:00PM: SSC-R vs. CSJL

June 30 (San Juan Arena)

12:00NN: UPHSD vs. MIT

2:00PM: AU vs. LPU

July 2 (San Juan Arena)

12:00NN: EAC vs. CSB

2:00PM: SSC-R vs. JRU

July 4 (San Juan Arena)

12:00NN: CSJL vs. LPU

2:00PM: SBC vs. MIT

July 5 (San Juan Arena)

2:30PM: UPHSD vs. SSC-R

July 7 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: AU vs. EAC

4:00PM: JRU vs. CSB

July 9 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: LPU vs. SBC

4:00PM: MIT vs. CSJL

July 11 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: CSB vs. SSC-R

4:00PM: UPHSD vs. EAC

July 12 (San Juan Arena)

2:30PM: SBC vs. AU

July 14 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: CSJL vs. JRU

4:00PM: LPU vs. MIT

July 16 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: CSB vs. UPHSD

4:00PM: SSC-R vs. EAC

July 18 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: AU vs. MIT

4:00PM: JRU vs. LPU

July 21 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: EAC vs. SBC

4:00PM: CSB vs. CSJL

July 23 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: UPHSD vs. JRU

4:00PM: SSC-R vs. AU

July 25 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: MIT vs. CSB

4:00PM: EAC vs. LPU

July 26 (San Juan Arena)

2:30PM AU vs. UPHSD

July 28 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: SBC vs. CSB

4:00PM: MIT vs. SSC-R

July 30 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: UPHSD vs. LPU

4:00PM: CSJL vs. EAC

August 1 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: SSC-R vs. SBC

4:00PM: JRU vs. AU

August 2 (San Juan Arena)

2:30PM: LPU vs. CSB

August 4 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: AU vs. CSJL

4:00PM: EAC vs. MIT

August 6 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: SBC vs. UPHSD

4:00PM: LPU vs. SSC-R

August 8 (San Juan Arena)

2:00PM: EAC vs. JRU

4:00PM: CSB vs. AU

August 9 (San Juan Arena)

2:30PM: CSJL vs. UPHSD

August 11 (San Juan Arena)

4:00PM: JRU vs. MIT

August 13 (San Juan Arena)

4:00PM: SCB vs. CSJL