Ohio’s other World Champion

MANILA, Philippines – The eyes of the sporting world are on the Cleveland Cavaliers as they just captured their first NBA title, ending a 52-year major championship drought in their home base of Cleveland.

Ohioans rejoiced as the fourth quarter buzzers went off at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California, signaling victory for the Northeast Ohio-based squad.

Standing in a dimmer spotlight, however, is new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose who also brought home a world title for the Buckeye State. The Cincinnati native cashed-in on his bitter rival, Seth Rollins, just moments after winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in a 6-man ladder match, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

WWE Money in the Bank’s main event featured Rollins besting his former Shield brother Roman Reigns, to become two-time WWE World Champion, only to be blindsided by Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe pinned Rollins after hitting the architect with the Money in the Bank briefcase on the head followed by “Dirty Deeds.”


The “Unstable” leader of the Ambrose Asylum almost won the prestigious title in a year ago in the same event. But he came up short as he was edged by then-champion Seth Rollins in a brutal ladder match in the card’s main event.

Ambrose had his vengeance a year after, as he used the Money in the Bank contract which entitles the holder to a championship match on the time and place of his choosing. He also became the second Mr. Money in the Bank, next to Kane, to cash in on the same night that the briefcase was won.  

Ironically, Rollins captured his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship by also cashing in his Money in the Bank contract, inserting himself in the main event of Wrestlemania 31 in Santa Clara, California.

June 19 marks the day that all 3 members of the faction known as “the Shield”, that includes the aforementioned Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, have been WWE World Heavyweight Champions.

The new champion, Ambrose, joins The Miz and Dolph Ziggler to become one of the 3 active superstars in the roster from Ohio to win a World Championship.

Ambrose’ first World Heavyweight championship victory not only belongs to the Ambrose Asylum of the WWE Universe, but is also celebrated by the State of Ohio. – Rappler.com