Devance clarifies new teammate Dillinger not a Ginebra hater


MANILA, Philippines – No, Jared Dillinger is not a Barangay Ginebra hater. 

That is what Joe Devance clarified as the Gin Kings bolstered their roster with the acquisition of Dillinger from free agency in the middle of the 2019 PBA Commissioner's Cup. 

Dillinger, whose former team Meralco lost back-to-back Governors' Cup finals to Ginebra in 2016 and 2017, once playfully tweeted he "can't stand" players from the most popular team in the league. 

That one was tough. Hats off to TNT for sticking it out. Beat Ginebra. I can't stand those guys. — Jared Dillinger (@JDHawaii20) June 9, 2017

That's not a nice thing to say Jared — Solomon Mercado (@M3rcMyWords) June 10, 2017

But Devance said he and Dillinger are really friends off the court. 

"He never hated Ginebra. It was all for good fun and trying to hype up the crowd. It was all in good fun and competition," Devance said after a 73-70 win over NorthPort on Saturday, June 1.

"He never hated Ginebra, I just want to let the fans know." 

Joe Devance clarifies new teammate Jared Dillinger not really a Barangay Ginebra hater. Dillinger once playfully tweeted he "can't stand" the Gin Kings. #PBA2019 | @dioquinodelfin — Rappler Sports (@RapplerSports) June 1, 2019

What Dillinger can do to get at the good graces of his new team, though, is to bring good food during practices, Devance said. 

"If he brings a lot of good food, then I guess we're cool. But if not, we now have problems," Devance said before breaking into a smile. "I'm just playing. It's all love, it's all good."

"Me and Dillinger are friends. Even before, it was all in good fun. I actually talked to him a little bit yesterday, everything's good. I think he's injured, right? Once he gets healthy, I'm sure he'll help the team." 

It would be better, he said, if Dillinger brings the entire team to the HEAT at Edsa Shangri-La. 

"I said pizza but then Art dela Cruz was like he should bring or he should just treat everybody to HEAT. If he could do that, that would be better. He'll be a very nice teammate," Devance said. –

Delfin Dioquino

Delfin Dioquino dreamt of being a PBA player, but he did not have the skills to make it. So he pursued the next best thing to being an athlete – to write about them. He took up journalism at the University of Santo Tomas and joined Rappler as soon as he graduated in 2017.