IN VINES: Pacquiao coaches PBA game before Mayweather fight

Pacquiao arrived just as the game started and quickly went to courtside.

The WBO welterweight champion hasn't had much success as a player, seeing action for a total of 4 games this PBA season, two each conference. He is 0-of-6 from the field so far and scored his lone point from the free throw line in a surprise win versus Purefoods.

Instead, Pacquiao surprisingly showed more of himself as a coach.

The 36-year old has since moved on from simply standing along the sidelines, to becoming more vocal and clearly trying hard to learn the ropes.

The Filipino boxing icon also progressed to taking charge of the clipboard and calling out plays.

In his last game before he jets off to training camp, Pacquiao was seen barking out instructions, calling for stops, and discussing with the referees.

Pacquiao's mother, Mommy Dionisia, attended the ball game and appeared to be having fun. 

KIA, however, failed to win against fellow expansion team Blackwater Elite, 115-104. KIA lost after winning back-to-back versus champion teams Purefoods and Talk 'N Text. –