Thompson fools Ginebra import Jeffers into thinking he's 16

MANILA, Philippines – Import Othyus Jeffers has been playing with Barangay Ginebra for over a month and is only now realizing he's been getting played with by one teammate.

The NBA veteran was led to believe that rookie guard Scottie Thompson is only 16 years old ever since Jeffers arrived. It was only a week ago that he found out the former NCAA MVP is, in fact, already 22 years old.

"From the first day I got here he told me he was 16 so I just found out last week his real age," Jeffers recounted the story while laughing after Ginebra's 86-80 loss to Alaska on Wednesday, March 9 in the 2016 PBA Commissioner's Cup.

Like many others, Jeffers was impressed with Thompson's game except, particularly considering that he believed Thompson was much younger than he really is.

Jeffers even had big plans for the "teenager."

"I was like, man, this kid he’s gonna be real good. I need to get him to the States ‘cos he can go pro," Jeffers shared.

"But I found out last week his real age and I was mad at him and I’ve been punching him ever since."

Scottie Thompson: 1

Othyus Jeffers: 0