Boeing patents system for airborne drone charging

MANILA, Philippines – Boeing received a patent Tuesday, June 2, for system that would allow drones to be recharged while they're in mid-air.

The patent, titled, "Autonomous aircraft with disconnectable tether," describes a system in which drones are equipped with tethers that let them connect to ground-based power supplies or charging mechanisms, allowing them to charge while in the air.

The patent was awarded to inventors James J. Childress and John J. Viniotis.

A PatentYogi video describes how the process would work. For instance, a pizza delivery drone would likely need to be operational throughout the day. By having charge points at various locations, such as at store points, the drones can be freely charged as needed.

One noticeable limitation, according to The Next Web, is that the patent would need power supply stations across cities for especially draining treks.

That said, a solution of this sort, if properly implemented, can allow drones to keep zipping through the air for much longer than would normally be possible. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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