IN PHOTOS: What's inside the 'God of War' Collector's Edition set

SINGAPORE – Sony, at a special event, showed off the contents of the collector's edition of what may very well be the biggest title for the PlayStation 4 this year, God of War from Sony's Santa Monica Studio.

The collector's edition will be priced at P7,699, which is about a hundred pesos cheaper than the US price of $150, given the current exchange rate of $1 to P52. The box will contain the following items:

1. 9-inch Kratos and Atreus statue

The statues are greatly detailed, and would sure look incredible on the shelf of a hardcore PS4 gamer. 

2. Two-inch Huldra Brothers carvings

The Huldra Brothers are the dwarves that crafted Kratos' weapon of choice in the game, the Leviathan axe. 

3. Exclusive lithograph

A beautiful, chilling illustration of Kratos and son facing the "Draugrs" of the game's frozen mountainscape. 

4. Cloth map

Unfortunately, the map couldn't be rolled out at the event as that might spoil the game a little for some gamers. 

5. Special necklace and drawstring bag

A necklace with a pendant in the shape of the series' iconic omega logo. This one's an exclusive that's only available to the Asian market. 

The drawstring bag's going to be great as a coin purse if you're feeling medieval-y.

The set will also include digital content as listed below:

Are you feeling the God of War Collector's Edition? Watch out for our preview of the game soon. –

Gelo Gonzales

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