Just Cause 3: More chaos, more freedom, more fun

SINGAPORE – Casting and Voice Director Michael Sinterniklaas and Avalanche Studios Head of Communications Thomas Wiborgh were present at Singapore’s GameStart 2015 to talk about the highly anticipated Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 3 takes place in Medici, protagonist Rico Rodriguez’ hometown. The fictional mediterranean city is under the control of dictator General Di Ravello, who will not rest until he is able to dominate the world.

It is now up to Rico to do what he does best and restore freedom to his people by creating wave after wave of explosive destruction.

To complete this personal mission, Rico is given an array of guns, vehicles, and tools at his disposal. Just Cause 3 will see the return of the grappling hook and parachute.

While familiar, the two items are definitely new and improved. With the hook, players can get to tether almost any item they can think of to create chaos. They can tether a row of fuel tanks together and pull them with a large vehicle to create a domino effect of explosions. Players will also enjoy the more steady parachute to rain bullets, and rockets towards enemies on the ground.

In addition, Rico gets his hands on a wingsuit to give him more flexibility while in the air. Players can switch from parachute to wingsuit, and use the grappling hook freely and on the fly. This allows for more strategic ways to set up as many dramatic explosions as possible. “Every explosion is unique,” revealed Sinterniklaas.

Speaking of explosions, Rico also has unlimited C4 at his disposal, giving him the ability to plant explosives anywhere and anytime. Vehicles and other supply drops also cost nil, giving him more freedom to move and destroy than ever before.

Everyone gets to play around the entire 400 mile map right from the get-go. Sinterniklaas and Wiborgh assures true open world freedom in Just Cause 3. The game allows players, regardless of their levels, to get to the most difficult area of the map as soon as possible if they dared to. There are no invisible walls to restrict them.

During the gameplay demo, Just Cause 3 displayed that it is more fluid and flexible than the previous games. Because of this, Rico and his enemies’ movements are faster as well.

With the new tools and freedom given to players, it also feels more exciting and over-the-top than Just Cause 2. While this sort of mobility and flexibility may make it seem easy to come up with crazy explosions, Sinterniklaas and Wiborgh assure that the game remains challenging.

“It seems easy, it looks easy. But it’s really challenging to do these things. You’re always balancing all these different physics elements that are playing with and against you. Navigating everything is really easy to understand, but it’s really hard to master it,” Sinterniklaas explained.

Just Cause 3 will be released this December for the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. – Rappler.com