LIVE: U.S. House hearing with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on transparency, accountability

Watch Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's testimony at his hearing with the US House of Representatives' energy and commerce committee here on Thursday, September 6, 1:30 am. 

The hearing, called "Twitter: Transparency and Accountability," will focus on the algorithms and the decision-making process behind Twitter's actions against certain content – and whether the content is removed or not. 

Twitter is facing accusations of being biased against conservative views, in light of a recent high-profile suspension of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The Republican majority will likely be questioning Dorsey on technical matters, but also on administrative matters, as reports recently came out that Dorsey allegedly had personal influence on a few decisions on content moderation.

The House is looking to shed a light on Twitter's processes, which have not been completely transparent just as with other online platforms today. 

Dorsey's hearing follows a US Senate hearing with him and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg about foreign influence in social media, which you can watch on this link. 

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