I tested 'Nightfall: Escape' and had a scary good time

I spent a good deal of one Saturday afternoon with the folks at Zeenoh Games playing Nightfall: Escape, and I had a blast.

Having been invited by JD Abenaza, founder and CEO of Zeenoh Games and the creator and game producer of Nightfall: Escape, I was eager to learn what the game was all about.

Nightfall: Escape is a classic first-person horror-survival game with a Filipino theme. The game places you in an old Spanish mansion – that may or may not have aswangs, tikbalangs, manananggals and tiyanaks lurking in the dark – with just a flashlight in hand.

First-person Pinoy survival horror

I played through a very short version of the game but it took me more than 30 minutes to finish it. More so, because I mostly did not know what to expect of the game.

I think that's just the catch isn't it? To me, it plays as smooth as a triple-A game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Some of the rooms, the textures, and even the clutter across the floors in the game remind me of Skyrim but obviously it isn't.

What Nightfall: Escape happens to be is a first-person survival horror game, with a feeling that evokes classics like Resident Evil and, more so, Silent Hill.

The essence of the entire game is not just built on the survival of the protagonist, Ara Cruz. The entire game is a puzzle in itself.

Strategizing and making sure you are stealthy enough to snake through obstacles to avoid enemies while solving a particular puzzle in the game, like finding the keys to some doors, is a challenge in itself.

The potential for Nightfall: Escape is limitless in the form that I played it in. Even without ambient music and sound effects, the game provided plenty of paranoia and anxiety-inducing atmosphere, perfect for a night of terror-induced gaming.

The game might also be a contender in the growing horror genre of Virtual Reality devices like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, the PS4's Project Morpheus, and Microsoft's HoloLens.

Things are looking up for this rag tag group of Filipino visionaries and it only gets better and more challenging from here. All they need is your support.

Nightfall: Escape has been approved by Square-Enix Collective and Steam Greenlight and is up on Steam's Early Access program. They also have a second Kickstarter up to further fund development of the game.  – Rappler.com