Highlights: OPPO Innovation Event 2019

OPPO also confirmed that their 5G phone is coming this year. 

The unnamed phone is said to be the first 5G device to be powered by the Qualcomm 855 chipset and X50 modem.

Carrier networks Swisscom, Telstra, Optus, and Singtel have partnered with Oppo to be the first to sell the device sometime in second quarter of this year.

5G possibilities

Oppo also took the opportunity to share why consumers may want to get a 5G device by sharing what the next generation of mobile broadband connections could possibly bring.

Some of the possibilities the firm touted were live 360-degree broadcasts, 3D-project video calls, and augmented reality shopping.

Oppo also announced that its 5G cloud gaming is coming to their smartphones.

Cloud gaming essentially works similar to video streaming as it lets the server do the heavy lifting, removing the need for in-device storage and powerful graphics processing units.


Oppo also said that its AI virtual assistant Breeno would become the hub of a broader Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem consisting of devices, wearables, and platforms in the 5G era.

Photo by Gelo Gonzales/Rappler

They added that Breeno will become available in their upcoming products and be opened to developers and partners. – Rappler.com

Disclosure: The trip to Spain, site of the event, was sponsored by OPPO.

Gelo Gonzales

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