The 'God of War' PS4 Pro and the meanings behind the markings

SINGAPORE – Sony will be releasing a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro for God of War, its biggest title to date this year, coming on April 20. 

The colors on the special unit are fairly simple – hues of silver reminiscent of the original PlayStation, some black, and some gold accents. The more striking features of the unit are the intricate patterns and drawings on the console and the controller. (IN PHOTOS: What's inside the 'God of War' Collector's Edition set)

The console's design is inspired by the Leviathan axe, the weapon of choice for this version of Kratos, the longtime series hero. Santa Monica Studios' marketing producer Adam Kaufman, at an event, explained what the markings meant. 

"We put a lot of heart and soul into the design [of this console]," Kaufman said.

The big arching pattern on the front with multiple branches splitting into a myriad of different symbols represent the skill tree for Kratos. There are multiple branches, splitting off at different sections, possibly signifying that players will be able to choose which skills to prioritize first in an almost RPG-like manner. Should this be true, this will definitely give the game a lot more depth and customizability as opposed to the straightforward action of the previous games.

On the right portion of the console is the handle of the Leviathan, which actually reminds us of a PlayStation Move controller, right up to the circle on top encasing the PlayStation logo. The diamond and the upside-down triangle on the handle are the sockets for the runics, which are special in-game items that may give Kratos additional abilities and attacks. 

On the bottom part of the handle is the brand of the Huldra Brothers, who crafted the Leviathan axe. 

The strange symbols on the side of the PS4 where the disc goes in are runes, with each one representing a realm that you'll visit. There are 8 of them, which may mean that there are 8 realms for Kratos and his son Atreus to visit.

Lastly, on the controller, the title God of War along with the omega logo is printed on the touchpad while another set of patterns is found on the right handle of the controller.

Check out the back portion of the console and the controller, too:

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(Full disclosure: Sony, publisher of God of War, sponsored the trip to Singapore where the God of War media preview event was held on April 13, 2018.)

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