Rappler Game Night: 'God of War'

MANILA, Philippines — It's been quite a while, but it’s finally time to reacquaint ourselves with our favorite rage-filled demi-god with daddy issues, Kratos.

This isn't the same God of War from your teenage years though. Now older and wearier, Kratos has exchanged the fiery sun-drenched vistas of Greek mythology for the refuge that is snowy wildernesses of Midgard. Plus, he's got a tween son along with him!

Joining us in this is episode is Rappler content producer and God of War super-fan Tristan Zinampan, who obviously felt the slight shock of this long separation with the franchise as he fumbled and sweated all over the PS4 controller during his shameful loss to a Norse troll. Luckily, our own game goddess of war Nadine Pacis was there to show us how it's done.

So join the Rappler Gaming League crew as we explore this mindful evolution of the beloved franchise (so far, the forerunner as the best game of the year) from new creatures and weapons to exchanging relentless bloodshed for more contemplatives treks along the woods. - Rappler.com