Final Fantasy IX heading to PC, smartphones

MANILA, Philippines – It's been a little over 15 years since Final Fantasy IX (FFIX) launched on the original PlayStation, but this new year, it seems PC gamers and smartphone owners will be able to experience the game on their devices.

Square Enix announced late Thursday, December 31, that it was bringing Final Fantasy IX to the PC, as well as Android and iOS devices, in 2016. Their FFIX re-release site also notes the iOS and Android platforms supported for the game.

The company shared a trailer for the re-release, in which the game looks mostly the same as the original. The most noticeable differences are crisper visuals, high-resolution versions of the characters, and a slightly modified user interface for battles. 

Square Enix also said it'll be bringing achievements, automatic saving, a high-speed mode, and game boosts for those who just want to complete the story. While no release date has been announced for English-speaking countries, the English language trailer makes it pretty evident this re-release will be getting some worldwide attention. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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