WATCH: The first 11 Globe subscribers to get their iPhone 11

MANILA, Philippines – Globe held a midnight launch on Friday, October 25, for the iPhone 11.

The highlight of the event? The 11 loyal Globe subscribers who got their unit at the stroke of midnight.

This is the first group of people to get their hands on the iPhone 11 in the Philippines officially – not counting of course those who have already imported the device or gotten them from the gray market. 

Minutes before midnight, the host interviewed the subscribers about how long they've been with the service, how long they've been loyal to Apple, and what they like about the new iPhones. You can watch this in the video above. Proceed to the 5:47 mark of the video if you'd like to see the countdown for the subscribers to finally open their iPhone 11 packages – which included bonuses such as an Apple TV and Apple Watch. –