CERN recreates world's 1st website

MANILA, Philippines - It's been 20 years since CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, first published the document that would allow for the World Wide Web to exist. Today, it seems CERN will be celebrating the announcement by restoring the world's first website.

In a new statement released on Tuesday, April 30, CERN announced it would work on restoring the world's first website.

According to the about page for the new project, CERN "aims to preserve some of the digital assets that are associated with the birth of the web." Not only will they be attempting to restore the first uniform resource locator (URL), they also want to "put back the files that were there at their earliest possible iterations," and then share the assets available from the first web servers at CERN, restoring machine names and IP addresses to recreate the first experience of the web.

CERN adds that they also want to turn into "a destination that reflects the story of the beginnings of the web for the benefit of future generations."

Users can learn more about the history of the world wide web (WWW) by checking out the current iteration of their recreation of the world's first website, along with the backgrounder for their ambitious restoration project. -


Victor Barreiro Jr.

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