Google to fight child pornography online

MANILA, Philippines - Google has taken another step to fight injustice on the Internet with an initiative to take down child pornography on the web.

Much like Google's earlier push to help fight human trafficking, the company has taken steps to further its commitment to stamp out child sexual abuse with a US$5 million investment.

According to an announcement by Jacquelline Fuller of Google Giving, part of the investment will go to a number of child protection organizations in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

Google has also revealed one of its tools in fighting child sexual exploitation. Google uses a "hashing" technology to catalog known child sexual abuse images for identification should duplicates appear online. The technology can identify the duplicates without human intervention.

Along with a cross-industry database of what the company calls "encrypted 'fingerprints'" of child sexual abuse images, companies, law enforcement teams and charities can more readily find and remove child pornography and work to bring criminals to justice. The Telegraph notes that this database is expected to be fully operational within a year. 

Google has also announced a US$2 million Child Protection Technology Fund to entice people to work on more effective tools to stamp out child sexual exploitation online. -

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Victor Barreiro Jr.

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