Google to help fight human trafficking

MANILA, Philippines - Google is bringing the fight against human trafficking into the spotlight, providing a US$3-million grant to Today, Polaris Project, Liberty Asia, and La Strada International in an effort to create a network of data that aims to "disrupt the web of human trafficking."

Called the Human Trafficking Hotline Network, the initiative aims to connect various anti-trafficking hotlines around the world, allowing previously isolated groups to share their data. It will also "enable easier case coordination and victim protection across borders through the development of a shared platform for information exchange."

Two other companies are stepping up to aid in this cause. Palantir Technologies will donate its data integration and analytics platform for this project in order to improve on the organizations' ability to share, analyze, and act upon data. will provide support for the Polaris Proeject's hotline center, enabling better scaling for their call tracking infrastructure internationally.

Human trafficking is a serious issue in many countries, including the Philippines. While the Philippine government is able to rescue some from the practice, and President Aquino has signed an expanded anti-human trafficking law, this new initiative the Google grant is funding may help to put a bigger dent in human trafficking activities here and in other countries. -

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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