[E3 2017] LOOK: Microsoft's new Xbox One X on display at E3

MANILA, Philippines –  Microsoft finally revealed their counter to Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro at their E3 presentation on Sunday, June 11 (June 12, Manila time).

The Xbox One X, once nicknamed Project Scorpio, is Microsoft’s most powerful console yet. 

Here are the specs released so far for the new Xbox One model:

According to Kareem Choudhry, Xbox Director of Software Engineering, the console is so powerful they needed to install a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to keep all the parts running smoothly. A liquid-cooled vapor chamber is usually only reserved for large servers.

Microsoft also briefly mentioned that the Xbox One X has an effective custom power management system though they have yet to elaborate on the details.

They also have not yet released the official dimensions of the console, though they have said it is also supposed to be the smallest of the Xbox One units to date. 

The Xbox One X will be launched worldwide November 7 and is priced at $499. – Rappler.com