National Privacy Commission bans 26 online lenders

MANILA, Philippines – Following an order released on October 18, the National Privacy Commission (NPC) imposed a ban on 26 online lenders.

These bans are the result of improper use and processing of personal data by those companies, which are accused of publicly shaming borrowers late on their repayments.

These companies either refused or failed to appear in front of the NPC after complaints filed by users.

Because those companies' apps were still available online and can still be installed after the order, the NPC chose to ban them completely, saying the apps are "a continuing threat to the rights and freedoms of data subjects."

The following companies are impacted: 








They have been ordered to take down their apps and cease all operations entailing processing of personal data.

This includes reselling information to third parties, as well as using public data sources to collect information on their users. The NPC will be working with Google to pull those apps out of the store. –