Netflix documentary examining Bill Gates' post-CEO life arrives September 20

MANILA, Philippines – The founder of the world's original tech giant, Microsoft, has a new documentary coming up on Netflix, titled Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates.  

The 3-part series comes to Netflix in the Philippines on September 20. 

Directed by Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, He Named Me Malala), the documentary takes a look at Bill Gates' life after he stepped down as CEO of Microsoft in 2000, and his philantrophic efforts thereafter.

Gates and his wife Melinda launched the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation after he'd stepped down and has since spent billions of dollars in issues concerning global health, emergency relief, education and poverty. 

“It may seem counterintuitive to make this documentary while we’re still in the middle of solving these really hard problems, but I’m hopeful that maybe more people will get engaged in some of these issues and help solve them. I hope this documentary leaves people optimistic that big problems can be tackled,” BIll Gates told Entertainment Weekly. –