Netflix not worried about int’l users leaving over proxy blocks

MANILA, Philippines – Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is not worried about international users leaving the service due to the company’s crackdown on virtual private networks (VPNs).

Netflix said on January 14 that it was working to restrict proxies and unblockers to "respect and enforce" existing content licensing agreements.

During an earnings call on Tuesday, January 19, Hastings said, "I don’t think we will see any impact. We’ve always enforced proxy blocking with a blacklist. Now we’ve got an expanded and enhanced blacklist, so I don’t think we’re going to see any huge change."

He added that it was reasonable for copyright holders to want tougher restrictions to VPN-based or proxy-based access to content, while reiterating that Netflix was working on further enabling equal access by securing more global licenses.

Netflix's earnings report showed the company's shares jumping more than 6% to $115.20 as its membership topped 75 million.

The company also made a profit of $43 million in the final quarter of last year. –

Victor Barreiro Jr.

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