Nioh director acknowledges similarities to Dark Souls

The boss fights and their designs seem unique and impressive too. During the demo we got to see one boss, “Yuki-onno”, a demon woman capable of striking and whipping you to your icy demise. She may look dainty, but her attacks are fluid and varied enough to keep you on your toes. If her foot stomps the ground you can expect the earth surrounding her to freeze and draw out sharp icicles. She wields an icy spear that can create crystal projectiles. And she can also use her kimono sleeves as a whip.  

It’s an experience gaming masochists would surely enjoy.

But wait, there’s probably more

These are just some of the elements that make Nioh stand out and there probably will be more in the next coming months.  

Team Ninja has been pretty open about Nioh’s development for a while now. Recently, their open beta test just concluded and they’ve published the results of their beta survey online. And while the scores they received are overall positive, they’ve also released a pretty lengthy and detailed list of the features that they will be improving based on player feedback.

We have no doubt that we can expect a lot more Nioh news in the upcoming months as we draw closer to its release date. The game will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on February 9, 2017.

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