Rappler Gaming League: League of Legends Tournament Round 2 recap: MIT Kryptonite versus APC Rams

Rappler Gaming League 
LoL Intercollegiate Tournament, Round 2

Mapua Institute of Technology Kryptonite versus Asia Pacific College Rams

Game 1


APC quickly picks-up the pace and dictates the game after the early power spike of MIT. The Rams out-farms, out-bursts, and out-tanks the Kryptonites. Even with beautiful Equalizers from Kryptonite’s Krypt WuzzyFuzzy-Rumble, the Rams cannot be easily melted. The Crown Prince heralds Rams’ way to victory.

Game 2


MIT, this time, goes for an all-in composition with good crowd control coupled with their strong frontline. Banning Jarvan IV makes sure that no one would be able to reach their backline.

APC whips out their strong frontliners and high survivability carries once again. The Rams look to duel key members of the Kryptonites this time, while Tristana and Lulu prove quite the challenge to be locked-down by MIT.

The Rams' Jani-Lulu falls to Kryptonite’s VorN-Syndra for the first blood bounty, but is quickly avenged by the Rams' Fuaroo-Elise. The Spider Queen continues to make her presence known with great skill shots, rotations, and responses.  

Everybody Freeze! Krypt-Nej rushes in and lands Glacial Prison on 4 members of the APC Rams.

Everybody Freeze! Krypt-Nej rushes in and lands Glacial Prison on 4 members of the APC Rams.

The Rams' Kenttt–Tristana’s great positioning, and St. Ghexus-Renekton’s great zoning efforts turns many clashes around. A blind clash in the jungle leaves Kryptonite wiped out, and the Rams charge into the base, winning them the game. 

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