All the god-tier Dingdong Dantes memes we’ll never recover from

MANILA, Philippines – Dingdong Dantes is officially the star of one of the best memes of 2020. 

We’re not entirely certain how it started, or what he did to deserve it, but we’re sure of one thing: he has taken the Pinoy meme culture by storm.

In honor of this new meme trend, we made a curated list of the best, carefully selected,  Dingdong Dantes memes. (We had to.)

In no particular order:

Dingdong DoneTest

Dingdong Harness

Dingdong Godbless

Dingdong Dauntless

Ninong Dantes

No words needed for this one.

With the rise of Dingdong memes, the meme scene eventually picked up and took the pun game to another level – this time, with more celebrities.

It’s all pun and names, so they say. Here are the honorable mentions, in no particular order:

Avril Boy

Breaking Dawn

Joji Alcasid

Cardo B

Jessica Sogo

Bob Marlou

Sus N’ Roses

Gary V. Delivery

Eugene Bumingo

Which one’s the punniest for you? Sound off in the comments! –