What do you do #KapagBumabagyo?

MANILA, Philippines – It’s the rainy season once again, which means everyone is bracing themselves for flash floods, strong winds, and blackouts.

For most students and employees, their main concern is how to get to and from class or work in horrible weather. Local mayors become instant celebrities when they announce class suspensions, but only after hundreds of tweets coming from students of all levels.

A shout out to those government leaders who try to make a few people laugh along the way!

Should I announce the suspension of classes in all levels for July 10 now? Or do I wait til all of you get your "baon" and take a bath? — Jonvic Remulla (@jonvicremulla) July 9, 2015

Yes...classes are suspended in all levels. Please take a bath everyone! — Jonvic Remulla (@jonvicremulla) July 9, 2015

Employees on the other hand, have to get more creative with navigating through the rains.

The weather has a way of bringing out a mix of emotions from everyone. For some people, it brings out their laziness:

“ @mtthwkrlgtdla : #KapagBumabagyo THIS. pic.twitter.com/vyvL3Kpjtu ” @Notsoprettytoni — VIANG (@VIANCAke_) September 15, 2014

For others it brings out their landi (flirtatiousness):

The closest I have to someone to snuggle with. #KapagBumabagyo pic.twitter.com/khjjMw3UzM — Justin L (@justinCharlier) July 8, 2015

or the hugot:

"Stay Safe" ka ng "Stay Safe" diyan. Bakit nung Safe ka sa akin, nag-Stay ka ba? #HugotSaTagUlan — UAAP Updates (@SportsLivePH) July 8, 2015

Others just decide to brush it off and watch a good movie:

My heart will go on. #KapagBumabagyo #FalconPh Posted by Neil Edward D. Diaz on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

But for the most part, it brings out frustration and aggravation

#KapagBumabagyo Students be like: ( Late suspension ) #walangpasok Keep safe everyone! #UwiNaWarriors pic.twitter.com/S9ekCbu2RN — DJP × KCMB Memes (@KathNiel_Memes) July 8, 2015

... from all possible parties:

pic.twitter.com/Y5dbHwcmDw — Coños of Manila (@ManilaConyos) July 8, 2015

Still, once Filipinos are safe, dry, and have stable Internet connection, their sense of humor kicks in. See what Filipinos do #KapagBumabagyo:

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It will probably be a while before the Philippines gets good weather. Until then, tune in to updates and enjoy the freedom of not having to bathe for anyone. – Rappler.com