Pinoy Ako Blog's Jover Laurio sues Franco Mabanta for libel

MANILA, Philippines – Jover Laurio, the woman behind Pinoy Ako Blog, is suing Franco Mabanta for 4 counts of libel.

In a complaint filed on Friday, December 8, Laurio is suing Mabanta for his Facebook posts made in October where he made fun of her appearance. 

Mabanta describes himself as a "political + social commentator."

In various posts, Mabanta referred to Laurio as an "Ogre Lady", who is "profoundly disgusting" and "hideous". He also accused her of playing the "victim card" and being funded by "Yellows", referring to the Liberal Party.

According to Laurio's complaint, the first 3 counts of libel were committed by Mabanta "when he reposted his attacks against my person" via 3 Facebook posts, while the fourth count was committed "when he claimed that the Liberal Party paid for my interview in ANC and that I was tasked to bring up the victim card during the said interview."

Laurio said she received attacks and messages in her Facebook account – similar to Mabanta's – disparaging her appearance. 

"I have suffered moral shock, public ridicule and humiliation, and serious anxiety. For while Mabanta’s claims were false and untrue, it has also led to several other attacks against me," the complaint read.

Laurio is seeking compensation for moral damages amounting to "no less than P500,000" for each incident.