Pro-Marcos tweets: A minority during Luneta rally

MANILA, Philippines – On Sunday, August 14, the hashtags #MarcosBurial, #MarcosIsNotAHero, and #MarcosFakeHero trended on Twitter as the Luneta protest on Ferdinand Marcos' planned burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani took place. 

More than a thousand people gathered – from public figures to members of civil society organizations – to denounce the late strongman's upcoming burial at a cemetery reserved for national heroes.

The number of tweets approximated the on-ground strength of the rally – and represented the strength of the voice coming from the camp that's squarely against this year's most controversial relocation. (IN PHOTOS: 'Citizens' assembly' vs Marcos hero's burial

In spite of that, there were a few pockets of resistance here and there. Scrolling through the hashtags #MarcosBurial, #MarcosIsNotAHero, and #MarcosFakeHero, one would notice the occasional tweet proclaiming support for the transfer of the late dictator's remains.

These are some of them, appearing in the lead-up to, during, or immediately after the "citizens' assembly":

He might be one of the worst but no one could be as good as him. Continue to hate him but where does it get you? #MarcosFakeHero #justsayin — Dear CPA, (@cpadiaries) August 13, 2016


Wag ilibing si Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani pero ikulong nyo mga Aquino para fair. #AyawSaDilaw #MarcosPaRin — Sherlock is CCC (@sugarnut221B) August 13, 2016 


MarcosIsNotAHero daw . Si Ninoy nga nkalibing s LnmB di namn nging Pres. nor a soldier. A Traitor perse ! Bat nkalibing don?? #MarcosBurial — ailene bunuan (@AileneBunuan) August 14, 2016


Millennial Loyalist Here #MarcosBurial #MarcosPaRin #Loyalist #MarcosIsAHERO — The Arcee Guimbal (@TheLegalPotatoe) August 12, 2016 


FERDINAND MARCOS (Dictator) is better than AQUINO's (Traitor). #MarcosBurial #MarcosPaRin #Bayani — Maria Dianne Thrive (@m_thrive) August 10, 2016 @sandromarcos7 Can't wait for the burial of Former Pres. Marcos! The Nation Builder. I'm hoping for a peace burial. #marcosparin — Lovely Rizza Soloria (@zarri19) August 10, 2016 


Let #mypresident rest! #bbm #libinganngmgabayani #marcosparin — Joanna Sami Buquing (@joannasami) August 9, 2016


Balita ko konti lang pumunta dun sa Luneta para sa kampanyang #MarcosIsNotAHero Kaya dinaan na lang sa trending... — Jomz Malaya (@joeromaramores) August 14, 2016


Looking through these tweets, the arguments appear to be hinged on Marcos supposedly being a better leader for the Philippines than the late Ninoy Aquino; that Marcos has done a lot for the nation with one post tagging him a "nation builder"; and general anti-Aquino notions.

Under the hashtags, there was no definitive pro-Marcos tweet that got considerable Twitter approval.

More pro-Marcos tweets can be found under "#MarcosPaRin," which had already been in use before the Luneta protest but slightly recorded more activity than usual during the rally.


Sigurado ba kayo na Bayani lahat ng nakalibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani? meron din mga traydor sa bayan na nakalibing diyan #MARCOSPARIN — Drei♕ (@TheDreiG) August 15, 2016 


ang tunay na magnanakaw sa bansa pinoy nasan ang pera ng yolanda? #marcos #marcosparin — Martial Law (@PopoyLucas) August 15, 2016


#bayani #ninoyfakehero #marcosparin — Martial Law (@PopoyLucas) August 15, 2016 


On Twitter at least, the pro-Marcos camp appears to be in the minority. –

Gelo Gonzales

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