Can you guess the top tweet for PH in 2016?

MANILA, Philippines – If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that 2016 has been a pretty intense year. And with all the historic moments that have happened, this year's top tweet proves to be quite a surprising one.

First, let's recap the top Twitter moments for 2016 – the #MarcosBurial issue, the Philippine elections, the #AlDubWedding, the homecoming of 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, and many more.

But this year's top tweet may come as a surprise because it involves... a puppy!

Dubbed the "Golden Tweet of the Philippines" for 2016, the top tweet features a golden labrador (a hybrid of a golden retriever and a labrador). Check it out:

Mood right now — Feelings (@NotebookMsgs) May 26, 2016


The tweet came from @NotebookMsgs, an account with over 854,000 followers.

It was posted on May 27, the same day as the official canvassing of votes for Philippine president and vice president.

"This image might very well sum up what the millennials felt after the emotional roller coaster that was the national elections in May," Twitter said in a statement.

"For Filipinos, this puppy is more than a reflection of their love for dogs. On May 27th, when Rodrigo Duterte won the official vote count for the presidency, young people flocked to Twitter to express their feelings and this photo tweet of a sad, tired dog went viral," explained Twitter.

Did you guess it right?

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