Uber now has 'Quiet Mode' for passengers wanting silence

MANILA, Philippines – Users of Uber's premium services in the United States will likely be pleased to know there's a new suite of options that allow you to tailor your ride preferences.

A change announced Tuesday, May 14, for Uber Black and and Uber Black SUV rides is the ability to designate ahead of time that you want peace and quiet during your ride. The Quiet Mode option lets users pick if they want to have a quiet ride, one with a hearty chat, or have no preference either way. 

Uber asserts this option as one of a number of different features it is releasing to differentiate Uber's premium ride services from its regular and UberPool offerings. 

Other options that come with the premium rides include options to let your Uber driver know if you need help with your luggage, set the optimal temperature in the vehicle you're riding in, or even ensure you get a professional driver or a consistent vehicle model, make, interior, or exteriors of the car you're taking. – Rappler.com