Ubisoft takes 'The Division 2' off Steam and onto Epic Games Store

MANILA, Philippines – Ubisoft announced Wednesday, January 9, it was joining forces with Epic Games to bring upcoming action-shooter The Division 2 to the Epic Games Store in addition to Ubisoft's digital storefront, UPlay. 

The team-up points to Epic Games Store also getting more Ubisoft games. Ubisoft and Epic said in a press release, the two will “also partner on additional select titles [for the Epic Games Store] to be announced during the coming year,”

The team-up also means Steam will no longer sell The Division 2. When asked, a Ubisoft spokesperson told game news site Polygon, "We have no plans currently on releasing Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on Steam."

The shake-up follows the launch of the Epic Games Store in early December. The store's main draw for developers is an 88% cut of revenue towards developers, with 12% going to Epic Games for overhead and maintenance. Meanwhile, gamers are promised better curation, as well as free games they can redeem for their accounts every two weeks across 2019.

The Division 2 is slated to release on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 15. – Rappler.com